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Walton Gas Celebrates 20 Years of Service

As the parent company of Walton Gas, we are proud to celebrate its 20th anniversary in October. As we recognize this milestone, we remember why we started the natural gas company: for you, our customer-owners.

In 2002, the natural gas market was deregulated, which allowed Georgia residents to choose their natural gas provider. Many companies offered misleading rate plans to gain customers during this confusing time and many continue these practices today. Our customer-owners did not know who they could trust to help them through the transition, so they turned to us. Our goal when creating Walton Gas was to support our customer-owners by offering transparent pricing plans – the same great service you expect from Walton EMC.

Twenty years later, we are proud to continue to serve our customer-owners and other residents across Georgia. With three walk-in offices and the opportunity to consolidate your electric and natural gas bills, we make it easy to do business with Walton Gas.

Without your loyalty and support, we would not have been able to reach this tremendous milestone. We sincerely thank you and look forward to continuing to serve you.