Media Information

Media Contacts

Greg Brooks, MCC, 770.266.2307

Savannah Chandler, MCC, 770.266.2408
(Media calls only, please. We can't take outage reports at these numbers.)

Danger Zone For News Crews

News crews covering weather-related or accident-related stories should exercise caution in areas where power lines may be down. Regardless of whether power crews have reached the scene, repair sites can be extremely dangerous. Read More »

General Information

  • Consumers 124,110 (June 2015)

  • Miles of line: 6,911 (June 2015)
  • Number of employees: 259
  • Average bill/month (2014): residential - $134.80, commercial - $625.18
  • Average kWh per month (2014): 1,721


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