Walton EMC Directors & Districts

Walton EMC Districts

Part of the co-op's annual meeting is the election of members who serve as directors for three-year terms. These directors represent members in Walton EMC matters. There are nine directors that represent different geographical regions throughout the co-op's service area. In this way, Walton EMC is regulated by its customers.

The board of directors then elects a chairman, vice-chairman and secretary/treasurer. Listed below are the directors' names and districts.

Directors and Districts

Jason Sidwell - District 2Jason Sidwell
District 2- Rutledge-Bostwick-Apalachee


Michael Lowder - District 3Michael Lowder
District 3-Farmington


Jim Whitley - Disctrict 4Jim Whitley
District 4-Eastville


Tommy Adcock - District 6Tommy Adcock
District 6-Good Hope


Billy Ray Allen - District 7Billy Ray Allen
District 7-Mountain Park


Sam Simonton - District 8Sam Simonton
District 8-Bold Springs-Gratis


Dawn Taylor - District 9Dawn Taylor
District 9-Five Forks-North Snellville


Dan Chelko - District 10Dan Chelko
District 10-Centerville-South Snellville


Johnny Allgood - District 11Johnny Allgood
District 11-Southwest Walton