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Electric Service

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Walton Gas

Walton EMC Natural Gas is a market leader in providing competitively priced natural gas to commercial, industrial and institutional accounts throughout Georgia. Find out why more consumers choose Walton Gas to deliver gas to their businesses.
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EMC Security

You need effective and affordable ways to manage business risk, and EMC Securityprovides it, with high-tech, integrated solutions for automated security, fire alarm, closed-circuit TV and access control.
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Green Power

Walton EMC commercial customer-owners can meet some of their monthly electricity needs using green power. Green power is electricity produced from renewable, more environmentally-friendly sources like wind, solar, low-impact hydro, geothermal and biomass energies.
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Economic Development

Through Georgia EMC, Walton EMC offers commercial customers and local community leaders information and services in the areas of economic development, prospect development, community development, technical services and retail/commercial development.


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