Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor LightingIlluminate yards, sidewalks and parking lots with Walton EMC Outdoor Lights. Outdoor lighting provides an added measure of security for people, personal property and businesses... economically and easily.

Benefits include:

  • Installation and maintenance for one low monthly fee.
  • Expert light planning, from a single security light to an entire shopping center
  • Dusk-to-dawn photoelectric sensors on all styles

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Security Lighting

Security Lighting

Bathes your property with peace of mind, protecting your family and business.

  • Energy efficient
  • Mountable on new or existing pole
  • Underground or overhead wiring




Decorative Lighting

Decorative Lighting

Perfect for residential areas, walkways and shopping centers.

  • Deluxe fixture, with fiberglass pole
  • Adds security to areas with underground wiring while keeping aesthetics intact


Flood LightsFloodlighting

Brightens buildings, material storage areas and facades like the sun.

  • Pole-mounted; available in singles or pairs
  • 400-watt powerflood fixture provides 50,000 lumens of lighting power
  • ​Overhead or underground wiring





Parking Lot LightingParking lot lighting

Ideal illumination for parking lots, parkways, malls or commercial/industrial complexes.

  • Contemporary “shoe box" styling
  • Underground wiring





Roadway LightingRoadway lighting

Available in a variety of sizes and light patterns to fit any application, from major intersections to residential developments.

  • Specially designed reflectors keep light on roads and out of adjacent buildings and windows
  • Wood or decorative fiberglass poles
  • Overhead or underground wiring



Rates & Fees:

Overhead Distribution Systems:

  • 100 watt HPS yard light, open bottom fixture, on existing pole - $6.75/month

  • 100 watt HPS yard light, open bottom fixture, on new wood pole - $9.25/month (or $6.75/month with one time $350 contribution for wood pole).

Underground Distribution Systems:

  • 100 watt HPS open bottom fixture, on new wood pole - $12.25/month (or $9.75/month with one time $350 contribution for wood pole).

Talk with our representatives for specific rates and options.