Customer Guidebook

You're part of a unique electric company.

Because you’re receiving electric service from Walton Electric Membership Corporation, you own part of the company. Walton EMC is a cooperative and by joining and paying your membership fee, you’re entitled to the services and privileges the co-op offers.

Download and read the complete Customer Guidebook (PDF).

Customer Guidebook & Selected Service RulesCooperative Principles

  • Open membership
  • Democratic control
  • Cooperation among co-ops
  • Concern for community
  • Economic participation of members
  • Autonomous and independent
  • Committed to information and education

Benefits of Belonging to Our Cooperative

    Since customers own Walton EMC, it’s self-defeating to make a profit.

    We’ve returned millions of dollars in refunds to our customer-owners.

    You have a voice in running the co-op by electing fellow customer-owners to the board of directors. Cast your vote at the annual meeting in June.

    The co-op is accountable to you, not a stockholder in a faraway place.

  • LOCAL.
    The people who keep your lights burning are also your neighbors.