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Appreciating her appliances

Walton EMC member Mary Berrier and her son Joe display a slow cooker and mixer that she received as wedding giftts on June 19, 1971. Mary still uses both kitchen appliances to cook for her family.

“Oh, I have that!”

That was Walton EMC customer-owner Mary Berrier’s reaction when she read the Realite article “Appreciating Appliances” that detailed the debut dates of some of the most common small household appliances.

The Centerville resident has an avocado green Rival Crock-Pot and Sunbeam Mixmaster hand mixer that she still uses, she told friends at the co-op’s Snellville office. She and husband Steven, who passed away in 2019, received the appliances as gifts in 1971 when they married in Iowa. That year was the first the slow cooker was available in stores.

The appliances were packed and moved 10 times over five states during the course of their marriage. In 1998, the Berriers and their appliances moved to a home on Walton EMC’s lines.

Over the years, Mary used the slow cooker and mixer to make many meals for her husband and two children. Now, her son is the chief cook in the family and is using them, too.

The homemaker marvels at the longevity of the 51-year-old gifts.

“With appliances these days, you’re lucky if they last five years,” she said. “But these have really lasted, even with a lot of use.”