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4 places to install security cameras

Security cameras are the most popular form of home security. To help you place cameras where they offer optimal protection outside your home, EMC Security shares these tips.

BY THE FRONT DOOR. Whether you have a doorbell camera at eye-level or an outdoor camera mounted above the door, a security camera near the front door allows you to:
– See your kids arriving home from school;
– Identify if someone at the door is a friend, neighbor or solicitor;
– Keep an eye on packages; and,
– Prevent your dogs from barking when there’s a visitor.

• BY THE BACK DOOR. This is important if your home is surrounded by wooded areas, that may make it easier for potential burglars to approach before being seen.

• ON A GATE OR FENCE. If your property is gated, or a portion of your fence isn’t visible from your house, installing a camera near the gates will ensure you can see your entire fence line. Also, if there’s a fallen tree on your property, you can see it quicker.

IN FIRST FLOOR WINDOWS. One of the most common entrances for burglars is a ground floor window. A visible security camera in your first-floor windows will deter potential burglars.

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