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Don’t Let Scammers Trick You

Beware the tricksters! This is no Halloween prank. Con artists intent on stealing your money are posing as Walton EMC employees.

The Georgia Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division reports an increase in scams targeting Georgia utility users, including Walton EMC customer-owners. Awareness is the best way to prevent these crimes.

The most common utility scam goes like this: A con artist posing as a representative of Walton EMC calls, claiming you have an unpaid balance and that unless you pay immediately — typically via a prepaid card or your credit card — the co-op will shut off service.

What You Should Know

  • Your co-op will never call you threatening immediate disconnection. Customer-owners who are in danger of disconnection will receive notice on their bill. We will also attempt an automated courtesy call two days before disconnection.
  • We will not call to ask for your credit card or bank information. • Courtesy calls from Walton EMC concerning delinquent accounts are placed during normal business hours.
  • Many scammers use spoofing technology to make the caller ID appear with a valid company name and/or phone number, even Walton EMC’s. If you are contacted by a suspicious person:
  •  DO NOT give the caller any personal or financial information. • Hang up and call the co-op at 770-267-2505 to report the incident.