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Great news for Walton EMC customer-owners

As a Walton EMC customer-owner, you’ll be pleased to know that you’re paying less for your electricity than the average Georgia consumer. The latest Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) Residential Rate Survey, conducted twice yearly, confirms this good news.

The winter survey, which uses January rates, shows that Walton EMC customer-owners using 1,500 kilowatt-hours (kWh) – the closest level to the average residential usage of 1,536 kWh in January – paid 7% less than the statewide average and 15% less than Georgia Power customers. In fact, Walton EMC bills were $84.23 lower than the state’s highest-charging utility.

Walton EMC customer-owners also enjoyed below-average rates for both lower (1,000 kWh) and higher (2,000 kWh) electricity usage levels.

“Because Walton EMC is owned by its customers, providing reliable service at the lowest possible cost is our main focus,” said CEO Ron Marshall. “First, every employee works hard to keep our expenses down to provide the most value for our customer-owners. Second, we continually seek out the best price for wholesale power to keep rates low.”

As a customer-owned cooperative, Walton EMC remains committed to delivering affordable, reliable electricity to its members.

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