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Knowledge is power: Where does my electricity go?

At Walton EMC, we want you to conserve energy and keep money in your pocket. Knowing which home appliances use the most energy is an important step toward keeping your bill under control. Here’s what uses the most energy in your home, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Heating + Cooling (49%) – Achieve peak efficiency by replacing air filters as needed, dusting regularly and keeping vents clear. Remember: For every degree below 78°, your air conditioner uses 5% to 7% more energy to reach that temperature.

Water Heater (14%) – The optimal temperature setting for energy efficiency is 120°. Lower the setting even further when you go on vacation.

Lighting (9%) – Switch to LED bulbs throughout the house to reduce lighting costs.

Washer + Dryer (5%) – Only wash full loads using cold water. Air-dry laundry when possible.

TV + Media Electronics (5%) – Televisions, speaker systems, cable boxes, video game consoles, computers and similar electronic gadgets draw power both when in use and in standby mode. Install a smart outlet that automatically monitors your usage and cuts electric supply to items that are on standby.

Refrigerator/Freezer (4%) – Don’t overload your fridge or keep the door open for too long.

Stove + Oven (4%) – Opt to use a toaster oven, microwave or slow cooker for preparing meals.

Dishwasher (2%) – New Energy Star certified models use less energy and water than older units.

Data source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, 2020 Residential Energy Consumption Survey