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Plugged In: What’s the Best Way to Report an Outage?

A: Outages sometimes occur, especially during the fall storm season. If your power goes out and you’ve determined it’s not isolated to your home, making an electronic report is the fastest way to summon help.

Online reports receive the same priority as reports by phone and take much less time. Our electronic reporting system is monitored 24/7 by Walton EMC personnel.

You can use the myWaltonEMC app on your mobile phone to make an electronic report. Download the free app at Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

If your home computer is operational during the outage, you can go to and tap the OUTAGE button at the top of the home page to make an electronic report.

To make an electronic report, you’ll need one of these identifiers: (1) phone number on file with Walton EMC, (2) your account number, or (3) your meter number. It’s also helpful if you provide the name on your electric account, the street address where the outage is occurring, a phone number where you can be reached and the cause of the outage (if you know).