6 Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer

This summer has been a hot one! Sometimes the heat can seem inescapable, but don’t worry you there are many ways that you can keep cool. If you are getting sick of the heat check out some of our ways to beat the heat.

Don’t use your oven – The oven kicks a lot of heat into your home and turning it off and leaving it off can make a lot of difference. Also, if you keep your oven off you can eat cooler foods like salads and sandwiches.

Stay hydrated – Be sure you are drinking water and other fluids to stay cool.

Optimize your windows – This can involve a few things. First, keep your curtains shut to block out the hot rays during the day. However, at night you can open those windows and let that cool breeze in.

Use fans well – You may think you know how to use a fan, but you may not; you should point your fans out the window instead of in because that will push the hot air out and bring the cool air in.

Eat fruits, vegetables and spicy food – Eating fruits and vegetables or food with lots of water in them helps you stay hydrated and cool. Also, you should eat spicy foods. This may seem contradictory to beating the heat, but spicy foods make you sweat and actually leave you feeling cooler.  

Unplug – Seriously, unplug your devices every once in a while. Your computer, your TV and all your other electronics give off a lot of heat. Step away from them and cool off. 

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