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January 17, 2023

Meta Partners with Walton EMC and Silicon Ranch for New Solar Projects

Meta Platforms, Inc. (formerly Facebook) has announced plans for three new large solar projects in Georgia. Walton Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) recently signed contracts with Silicon Ranch on behalf...

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Walton EMC Urges Customers to Prepare for Severe Winter Weather

Being ready for outages, keeping bills in check should be goals MONROE, Ga. – With the threat of bitterly cold temperatures and high winds hanging over Northeast Georgia, Walton...

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Walton EMC Recognized for Workplace Safety Excellence

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Walton Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) was recently recognized for an entire year without any employee missing work due to an injury in the workplace, an impressive...

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$8 Million Being Refunded to Walton EMC Customer-owners

MONROE, Ga. – Walton Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) provides service at cost. That’s why its customer-owners will get an $8 million refund next month. Co-ops are owned by the...

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Walton EMC’s Operation Round Up Donates $174,000 to Vital Community Charities

MONROE, Ga. – With a dollar not going as far right now, every cent counts to those in our communities whose passion is caring for others. Tens of thousands...

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