811: Do I Really Need to Call?

(Yes, you really, really do.) 

Planning to get dirty anytime soon? Before you start digging into some good ol’ Georgia dirt, be sure to contact 811 online or by phone.

But do I really need to call?

Yep! In Georgia, it’s the law. Everybody who digs is required to notify 811. Do-it-yourselfers, landscapers and contractors need to call 811 or visit Georgia811.com at least two business days prior to all digging projects — large or small.

Even if I’m only planting a rose bush?

Many utilities are buried just a few inches below ground, so you can easily hit a line when digging for simple gardening projects, like planting flowers or small shrubs.

Do I need to call if I’m installing a mailbox?

Installing mailboxes and fences are examples of projects that absolutely require a call to 811 to know what’s below before digging. Hitting an underground power line can knock out service to your home and neighborhood, resulting in damage or, worse, serious injury.

What if I’m digging in a spot that was marked last year?

Erosion and root system growth can alter the depth or location of buried lines. Plus, utility companies like Walton EMC may have added or altered underground lines since the last time you dug – so you must call 811 before you dig, each and every time.

What happens after I contact 811?

Professional locators will visit your property and mark the locations of utility lines with colored flags and paint. Each utility has a designated color. For instance, electric lines, like Walton EMC’s, are marked with red flags.

Now, how much is this going to cost me?

Not a cent! There is no cost to you — even the call to 811 is free.

Don’t be “that guy”…

Failure to call or notify online before digging results in more than 200,000 unintentional utility line hits nationwide annually. Hitting an underground utility line while digging can disrupt service to entire neighborhoods and even cause serious injuries. There’s also the potential liability for fines and repair costs.

Besides, do you really want to be known in your neighborhood as “that guy” who knocked out the electricity or water on a hot Georgia day?

Remember: Call 811 before you dig. It’s the law!

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