A Hot Tip for Summer

Monitor Your Meter

As springtime turns into summertime, temperatures here in Georgia are sure to climb. To keep your energy use — and your electric bill — in check during hot weather, here are four important things you should know:

1. The basic unit of measure of electric power is the watt. One thousand watts are called a kilowatt. If you use one thousand watts of power in one hour, you have used one kilowatt-hour (kWh). Walton EMC bills you by the kWh. The average residential consumer-member of Walton EMC uses about 1,900 kWh per month during the summer. Homes with an above-average square footage, electric outdoor lighting or a swimming pool will typically consume more energy.

2. You can monitor your usage by reading your meter. Walton EMC uses two types of meters in its service area: digital and dial.

To read a digital meter, simply read the meter like you would a digital clock.

Reading your dial meter is also much like reading a traditional clock: you look to where the hand is pointing on the dial. The most important thing to notice is that each dial turns the opposite way. No matter which direction the dial turns, always read the lowest number.

To read a dial meter:

  1. Read the dials from right to left, recording them in the same order.
  2. If the pointer is between two numbers, record the lower of the two.
  3. If the pointer is between 9 and 0, record the number as 9. In this case, consider the 0 as 10.
  4. If the pointer is between 0 and 1, record the number as 0. In this case, consider the 0 as 0.
  5. If the pointer is exactly on the number, look back to the dial on its right. If the pointer on that dial has passed 0, record the number the pointer is on. If the dial to the right has not passed 0, record the next lowest number.

Here is an example. This meter diagram below results in the reading 25049.

3. You can track your power use daily. Tracking energy use is just a click away for Walton EMC customer-owners. Log into your online account to track your energy use on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

4. Reading your electric bill is an easy way to monitor your energy usage. Take a close look at your Walton EMC bill to find current and prior meter readings and the number of kilowatt hours used. Your bill also includes an energy use graph that shows a visual history of your electricity use for the last year.

Looking for some ways to save energy dollars? Visit Walton EMC's website for products and services to help you get the most value for your energy dollar. 

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