2022 Consumer Electronics Show Round Up

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) annually provides a look into the technological crystal ball. Manufacturers and inventors from around the globe gather to showcase everything from auto advancements to Z series tablets — products that have the potential to change how Walton EMC’s customer-owners live and work.

With this year’s CES being online, we had a chance to virtually visit the trade show. There was no shortage of innovations of interest to co-op members. Here are a few of our favorites that could be coming to your Georgia home some day soon.


Chevrolet 2024 Silverado EV Pickup Truck

2024 Silverado EV RST (Credit: Chevrolet)

The Chevrolet 2024 Silverado EV pickup truck was among the most exciting products spotlighted at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show.

There are at least three good reasons why this electric pickup truck generated the most thumbs-up reviews at this year’s show. The Silverado EV promises more power than the highly anticipated F-150 Lightning, Ford’s electric pickup truck entry. The Silverado offers an estimated 400-mile range at full battery charge. It also boasts fast-charging speeds capable of adding 100 miles to range in around 10 minutes and more than 10,000 watts of off-board power. That electricity can run corded power tools or serve as a small generator to operate house lights or a refrigerator during a power outage. Chevy dealers are already taking preorders for the electric truck, which retails for $39,900 to $105,000, depending on options. The pricier limited-edition trucks will arrive first, delivering in the fall of 2023. The more economical model is due in summer 2024.

Nextbase iQ Dash Cam

What sets the iQ apart from existing dash cams is its always-on data connection and onboard artificial intelligence that can boost safety and security. The iQ is a two-camera smart dash cam system — one camera points forward and the other monitors inside the vehicle. Voice commands activate the cameras to capture clips or activate a real-time stream of video. Among a long list of nice features, the unit sends alerts when a parked vehicle is bumped or would-be intruders are detected looking into or loitering around the vehicle. The iQ should be available starting in the fall of 2022. No price has been announced.


Samsung Freestyle Portable Projector (Credit: Samsung)

Samsung Freestyle Portable Projector

Admittedly, this could be used strictly for entertainment but Samsung’s portable projector has excellent applications for those who want to make an impressive work presentation. The Freestyle projector is built for portability — just plug it into your laptop via the USB-C or HDMI ports (or cast via Android/iOS) and point it at any surface. With a 1080p resolution, 360-degree speaker and a screen that ranges between 30 and 100 inches, this thing is small but mighty. Tell the boss it’s already available and sells for $900.


TP-Link Archer AXE200 Omni Router (Credit: TP-Link)

TP-Link Archer AXE200 Omni Router

In what looks like a Star Wars movie-inspired design, the AXE200 uses the brand-new Wi-Fi 6E technology and features four mechanical antennas that automatically fold out and move automatically to get the best possible connection to your devices — even changing position as you move around a large room. No release date or price point is yet available. If you’re in a hurry, TP-Link is also premiering its Archer AXE300 quad-band router, which doesn’t feature autonomous antennas but shares the same cool design. It arrives this summer.

 JLab Go Air Tones Wireless Earbuds

Sometimes, those neon-colored earbuds just aren’t what the occasion calls for. JLab is filling the need gap with buds that complement a wide range of skin tones. At just $20, they’re not top-of-the-line buds, but they do offer eight hours of battery life and decent sweat resistance.


Sabre Smart Pepper Spray

More than just a canister of pepper spray, this personal security device offers numerous personal security features. When connected to the app, Sabre Smart will send texts with your location with map links to contacts when the spray deploys. It continues to update your location using GPS tracking until you are safe. Even when you don’t want to use the canister, you can trigger the app to send your location to family or friends so they can track you until you mark that you’re safe. The canister is refillable and rechargeable. We found it on Amazon for $50. Professional monitoring is available with a paid subscription.

Chipolo Card Spot Tracker

The Card Spot is a new version of Chipolo’s credit card-sized Bluetooth tracking device. There are similar-looking trackers on the market, but this product stands apart because it uses Apple’s Find My network to locate lost objects like a wallet or purse. The Card Spot started shipping in February. Cost is $35 for a unit with an expected two-year battery life.


Withings Body Scan (Credit: Withings)

Withings Body Scan

This smart bathroom scale is packed with a number of new health-monitoring technologies, some the manufacturer claims will produce medical-grade results. It features six-lead electrocardiogram readings to check on your heart health, segmented body composition measurements, and the ability to assess foot nerve activity. The Body Scan will retail for $279. It’s expected in stores in the second half of 2022.

Sengled Smart Health Monitoring Light

Smart lights take another step forward with these Sengled bulbs that can aid independent living for seniors. Radar technology in these new bulbs allows them to monitor vitals like body temperature and heart rate, as well as sleep patterns. It can even determine if someone has fallen. The light uses both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for smart control through the Sengled app and voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home. Look for these bulbs around the end of 2022.


Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra (Credit: Roborock)

Roborock S7 Max V Ultra

The Roborock S7 floor cleaning bot does more than automatically vacuum and mop. It also cleans its mop, fills up its water reservoirs and even empties the dust bin for up to seven weeks without requiring any maintenance. At $1,399, this advanced level of cleaning automation won’t come cheap, but it could be worth it for those wanting an all-in-one solution for cleaning floors. The cleaner is set to be available in second quarter of 2022.

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