Does Walton Go Green?

If you are the type of person that is concerned about the environment, rest assured; we think about it too. Walton EMC has its own cooperative solar program; is part of Green Power EMC; has several hybrid and electric cars; and focuses on recycling materials we use in our business.

First, we've developed three megawatts of local solar electricity available to customer-owners at only $25 a month. The program has been so successful that the solar energy availability is completely taken before the projects come online. Learn more here.

Next, Walton EMC is a part of Green Power EMC, made up of 36 Georgia electric cooperatives. Green Power EMC is a nonprofit organization that works to use green resources to produce energy for homes in Georgia. Walton EMC receives electricity produced from recycled landfill gas that would otherwise be wasted when it's burned off into the atmosphere.

The third way we work to help the environment is with our Nissan Leaf and our 240-volt aftermarket charging station (business use only.) While electric cars might not be for everyone, they do have some serious advantages, like the positive environmental impact that goes with no pollution. And at Walton EMC, we actually offer a special rate for electric car owners. We have 57 customer-owners taking advantage of this incentive!

Another way we go green at Walton EMC is with our recycling. It takes a lot of different materials to run a business, but we work to reuse or recycle all that we can. For example, we send in used tires from company vehicles to be recycled and we recycle all un-repairable transformers, as well as the transformer oil. To find out more specifics about the things our company recycles, you can click here.

Ultimately, at Walton EMC, we want to do things that are good for our customer-owners and our world. We work to provide you with reliable energy, but we also work to be involved in our community and do things to help the environment.  

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