Energy Efficient Holiday Decorations

It’s the time of the year for lights in wreaths and on trees, houses decorated with blazing bulbs. During December, it’s holiday season. Christmas is around the corner and many people celebrate it by hanging lights, on their houses, and decorating trees and wreaths to make their homes have a cozy glow.

You may be called a Grinch for wondering how much all of this extra lighting costs, but depending on your level of decoration, your electricity bill could rise quite a bit during the holiday season. The solution is not to get rid of decorations, but simply to upgrade to more efficient ones.

Light-emitting diode or LED lights are a great option for decorating for Christmas and the winter holidays. If you find you have burnt out bulbs when you pull out the decorations, it may be time to upgrade to a more energy efficient version. LED lights use 80% less energy than traditional holiday lights, this type of light also is very bright and vibrant making it a great decoration for both indoor and outdoor lights.

Other lights you may want to consider are solar powered lights for your outdoor tree or your house. These lights can collect sunlight through the day and help you use less electricity. Energy-saving bulbs are another thing to consider. These decorations use about a fourth of the energy of regular bulbs and last about 12 times longer.

Don’t decide to be a Grinch about decorating for the holidays just to save yourself money. If you use LED lights, solar-powered lights, or energy-saving lights, you can use less energy than regular holiday lights and save yourself some money on your electric bill! Happy Holidays from Walton Electric!

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