Fall 2018 Renovation Trends

Walton EMC has Rounded Up the Year’s Best Ideas

If a home update is on your to-do list this fall, you could be in for a treat. Technology-driven innovations that save energy and add convenience are more affordable and attractive than ever.

Here are some of the year’s hottest trends to inspire your fall renovation project.

1. The Connected Home

There are countless technology upgrades you can make to add flexibility, convenience and even affordability (such as using your device to turn off lights). Determine what you can afford and upgrade your home based on your technology preferences. A few ideas:

  • Lighting and heating systems can be programmed to adjust based on time of day, and they can be managed from smart phones and tablets.
  • Home automation product Google Nest has an app that sends notifications when an appliance is left on or malfunctions while you’re away from home.
  • Several manufacturers offer technology that allows users to check the status of Wi-Fi-enabled appliances and balance a myriad of household tasks through a single smartphone app.

One of the biggest trends going in 2018 is having technology
integrated into every kitchen function and appliance.

2. Smart Kitchens

If you’re not ready to convert your entire home to smart technology, start with the kitchen. One of the biggest trends going in 2018 is having technology integrated into every kitchen function and appliance.

While many new homes have kitchens built “smart” from the ground up, older kitchens can be renovated to include sensors, smart gadgets and other devices for convenience to the homeowner. Some easy add-ons:

  • Faucet that can sense the presence of hands underneath and turns on automatically.
  • Refrigerator that can alert you when your groceries items are running low.
  • Coffee maker programmed to have your coffee ready when you wake up.

3. Appliance Upgrades

If the kitchen is going to face a revolution, the appliances can’t be left behind. Among the hottest trends for 2018:

  • -New finishes. Stainless steel and traditional white appliances are giving way to gray-toned appliances in a dark brushed metal finish. Also trending are single appliances in bright colors such as a red refrigerator.  
  • -Induction cooktops. Those looking for a change from the common commercial range are choosing to install induction cooktops with separate single wall ovens.
  • -Steam ovens. The new “must-have” appliance, a steam oven can cook food much faster, retaining food nutrients and flavor better than conventional ovens.
  • -French door wall oven. If you’re limited on space, consider getting a french door wall oven. Some come equipped with Bluetooth, allowing you to control oven functions from your smartphone.
  • -Paneled refrigerator. A paneled refrigerator adds a sleek and classic look to even the most basic of kitchens.

Newer windows are more energy efficient, so they will save
money on your energy bills.

4. More Light

Replace older windows to allow in more natural light. The side benefit is that newer windows are more energy efficient, so they will make the indoor temperature more comfortable while helping save money on your energy bills.

On the interior lighting front, many makeovers are including lighting in areas such as under and over cabinets, above kitchen islands and on door kick plates. Also popular are pendant lights that add style and personality to a room, especially in kitchens, entry areas, family rooms, dining rooms and living rooms. An added benefit: Today’s lights are more efficient and longer lasting than old-fashioned halogen or fluorescent bulbs. 

5. Spa Bathrooms

Bathroom makeovers are providing a personal retreat featuring more bells and whistles. Trending now are upgraded showers with larger and multiple showerheads, seating areas and glass enclosures. Also gaining in popularity: smart and heated toilets and heated floors. For even more luxury, add a wireless music system or towel heating drawer.

6. Laundry Innovations

American households spend more time on laundry than other household tasks, according to a new study conducted by Omnibus Research for Whirlpool. Replacing traditional laundry room appliances with connected washer-dryer solutions can save time and energy. Several manufacturers offer washers and dryers with an app that you can use to run custom laundry cycles directly from your smartphones.

Walton EMC reminds you

If your fall remodeling project includes the purchase of a new appliance, don’t forget to look for the Energy Star label that indicates the product meets energy efficiency standards. 

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