Grill Up a Good Time for Independence Day

Electric grills make outdoor cooking fast and easy

On July 4, folks throughout Walton EMC’s service area will join with the nation in celebrating our communities, our history and our independence. But perhaps the most beloved July 4th tradition of all is the great American cookout.

We Georgians love gathering with friends and families to grill up some burgers and hotdogs. And we aren’t alone when it comes to the popularity of the Independence Day cookout. According to a recent survey by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA), 63% of Americans say will celebrate Independence Day with a meal cooked on the grill.

July 4 ranks as the most popular outdoor cooking holiday. It rates above other holidays such as Memorial Day (60%), Labor Day (58%) and even Father’s Day (45%). In other words, for barbeque aficionados, it’s the most wonderful time of the entire year.

This summer, more BBQ meals than ever will be prepared on an electric outdoor grill.

And here’s another foodie fact: This summer, more BBQ meals than ever will be prepared on an electric outdoor grill. Here are a few reasons why more people are going electric:

1. Greater Control

Electric grills are more user-friendly because they feature manual controls that allow you to have complete control over all settings. The heat is distributed evenly, so you can cook your meat and veggies more precisely and just the way you like it.

2. Fast

An electric grill offers a fast, hassle-free way to cook. You can turn it on in an instant —just plug it in and get grilling. An electric grill usually needs no more than a couple of minutes to heat up completely.

3. No Fuel Needed

Are you tired of propane tanks going empty or lugging big bags of charcoal? With an electric grill, all you need is an electrical outlet to have a continuous source of heat. There’s no risk of losing heat or running out of fuel.

4. Less Mess

Charcoal and wood can get messy, both to get started as well as cleaning up the ashes after. The cooking grate is the only cleanup required after using an electric grill. Some models feature dishwasher-safe cooking surfaces.

5. Economical

An electric grill is easier on the wallet. Initially, it costs less than a gas grill. Another money-saving feature is that you don’t have to buy gas or charcoal to supply cooking heat.

6. Apartment Friendly

Electric grills are the safest alternative to other types of grills for apartment and townhouse residents. Oftentimes, landlords prohibit the use of propane and charcoal grills because of the danger of fire.

Celebrating Independence Day is a highlight of the summer, and of the year. Don’t miss out on your chance to grill up a good time with family and friends. Check out these links to read reviews on outdoor electric grills.

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