Make Every Day Earth Day

It’s the cooperative way!


Every year, April 22 commemorates Earth Day — a day meant to raise awareness about protecting our planet. First held in 1970 in the U.S., Earth Day events will occur in more than 193 countries this year.

As a cooperative, Walton EMC honors the principle of “caring for community,” and that includes protecting the environment. We join with the world in celebrating Earth Day, but urge co-op members to make every day a time for saving energy and, in turn, conserving our natural resources.

Besides being good for the environment, energy efficiency is good for you. You can save considerable energy dollars by making a few simple changes. In honor of Earth Day 2018, here are five easy ways you can save energy and lower your electric bill.

1. Unplug

Unplugging is one of the easiest ways to save energy. Electronics and appliances that use standby power suck energy even when they aren’t on, accounting for as much as 10% of our electric bill. Standby power in the U.S. is responsible for 5 percent of the total energy used and $3 billion in actual dollars wasted, according to the Department of Energy. Quick fix: Use power strips to switch off televisions, DVD players, video game consoles and computers when they’re not in use.

2. Change a light bulb

An average household dedicates about 5% of its energy budget to lighting. Switching to energy-efficient lighting is one of the fastest ways to cut your energy use. Quick fix: Replace outdated incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs. LEDs use much less energy than standard bulbs. Plus, they tend to last much longer. Look for bulbs with the Energy Star label to know you are purchasing LEDs that meet high standards for brightness, color quality, efficiency, steadiness and immediate lighting when switched on.

3. Stop the leaks

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates you can reduce your heating and cooling needs up to 30% just by properly insulating and weatherizing your home. Quick fix: Watch this short video or use Walton EMC’s online energy audit tool to identify where your home is losing energy and where you can save.

4. Track your usage

A little knowledge can go a long way in saving energy. Get detailed information on your daily energy consumption by using the resources at Quick fix: Identify the energy hogs in your home and cut back on their use.

5. Be a Star shopper

When shopping for a new appliance, look for the Energy Star label. Appliances such as refrigerators, washers and dryers that are Energy Star-certified may cost a bit more up front, but will save you money through energy savings in the long run. Quick fix: Replacing an old refrigerator with a new Energy Star unit can save an average $50 per year and 400 kilowatt-hours in energy use.

On Earth Day, and every day, protecting the environment through energy efficiency is an important part of our work here at Walton EMC. To learn more about the variety of tools and services we offer to help you save on your home energy use, visit

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