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Walton EMC standby generator program provides backup power

Reliably delivering electricity to your home is a priority for Walton EMC. But sometimes the co-op is no match for Mother Nature. Severe weather events can disrupt power here in northern Georgia, depriving our homes of the electricity we depend on.

An extended electric outage is more than an inconvenience these days. More people are working and schooling from home, and those activities often demand electricity-powered technology. In the event of an extended outage, are you protected with a backup power solution?

Investing in a whole-house standby generator can provide comfort, security and convenience in the event of an emergency.

Walton EMC is coming to the rescue with a new home standby generator program. Investing in a whole-house standby generator can provide comfort, security and convenience in the event of an emergency.

On those rare occasions when storms damage our distribution system and cause an extended electrical outage, a standby generator can guarantee that you have the power you need to remain comfortable and productive at home.

Teaming up

Walton EMC has teamed with its own materials supply cooperative, GRESCO, and another Georgia-based electrical solutions company, Anderson Power Services, to make it easy for co-op customer-owners to purchase and install a quality home standby generator at a competitive price. In addition, the co-op’s HomePlus Loan is available to finance any generator purchase for qualified EMC members.

Addressing the new normal

The co-op’s new offering is timely since there are more people working from home than ever before. Locally, there has been a “significant uptick” in standby generator demand, particularly by those working from home offices, said GRESCO’s Mark Dennis.

“Whether you run your own business, you’re self-employed or you’re a home-based employee, you need to know your work is safe and secure,” he said. “Plus, if you don’t have a standby generator, you could lose hours of work time and have upset customers.”

Investing in a whole-house standby generator to protect your business is not only smart, it may also be a tax deduction. Check with your tax advisor.

Standby generator 101

A home standby generator runs on natural gas or propane. It is permanently installed outside the home (similar to a central air conditioning unit).

It continuously senses utility power and, if an outage is detected, comes on automatically. When it activates, it cuts off the home’s electrical system from the grid and takes over until it isn’t needed anymore. At that point, it seamlessly switches back to the grid.

A standby generator can power all the appliances your family is accustomed to using. It can power everything in your home at once, including critical hard-wired systems like air conditioning, heat, sump pumps, well pumps, security systems and large appliances.

Walton EMC customer-owners can purchase a market-leading Generac home standby generator.

Through Gresco and Anderson Power Services, Walton EMC customer-owners can purchase a market-leading Generac home standby generator. The core product offering is a Generac 22KW Response Series, ideal for the average 2,500-square-foot home in Georgia. The unit is competitively priced and comes with a seven-year warranty on parts and labor.

The Generac unit is also distinguished by its remote monitoring feature. It can be monitored via phone, tablet or computer.

A home standby unit is a significant investment — locally averaging $8,000 to $9,000 total for unit and installation at existing homes with natural gas service. Where natural gas is not available, Walton EMC customer-owners can expect to pay an average $1,000 to $2,000 additional for a propane fuel installation.

An optimum time to install a whole-house generator is when your home is under construction. Wires and gas lines are easier and less expensive to run before walls, floors and ceilings are covered. Plus, rolling the cost of the generator into the mortgage is almost insignificant when it comes to monthly payments.

Getting started

Walton EMC customer-owners can schedule a free, no-obligation site survey by calling Anderson Power Services at 770-796-0047. A professional from Anderson will survey your home to review your power needs and provide a quote for a generator unit and installation.

Call (770) 468-1828 to schedule a free, no-obligation site survey.

Because GRESCO works directly with Generac to keep 22KW units stocked here in Georgia, the time between getting a quote and installation is short. Most units can be installed by Anderson Power Services in less than three weeks.

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