Recycling Life Hacks for the Home

I want to recycle and be environmentally friendly but how? These are a few life hacks that help you become environmentally friendly as well as save some cash. These tips will help your lifestyle become easier on the budget and easier on the environment. You do not have to do all of these at once, try out a few ideas and just have fun with it! Below are a few ideas to help you stay green:

For your energy saving needs

  • clean your air filters
  • insulate your fridge/ freezer by buying in bulk
  • washer wash on cold then air dry clothing
  • install double paned windows.
  • install fans to help keep your house cool during the summer
  • pick a day to not use any electronics/appliances
  • install efficient shower heads that maintain water pressure while using less hot water
  • energy efficient windows

For your creative and upcycling needs

  • go thrift shopping
  • use recycled glass bottles, jars, and perfume bottles for your crafting projects
  • reduce buying new products
  • reuse materials such as wood flooring, doors, windows, upcycled home furniture
  • use sustainable materials when building your home

For your recycling or green living needs

  • use non-disposable dishware instead of paper plates
  • use non-disposable silverware and cups
  • use cloth napkins
  • organized recycling bins will help you recycle more often

With all of these ideas I do not know where to start? Just choose a few maybe one from each category and try them. These are budget friendly and at little cost to you. Some of them it may not seem like you are saving but in the long run you will be saving quite a bit. Just remember reduce, reuse, and recycle.   

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