Save your Appliances & Electronics from Power Surges

Power surges are high voltages of electricity that go through your electrical system and could damage your electronics and electrical appliances. You can protect your large appliances and electronics by getting surge suppressors; these devices limit the electrical voltage to a safe amount when connected to that specific appliance or electronic.

Walton wants to help protect your electrical equipment by offering surge suppressors for the electronics in your home.  

Large Appliance Motors

To protect your larger and more expensive appliances from lightning strikes, power surges and spikes a Real Protection device – which is a large appliance motor protector – is installed on your meter and maintained by Walton EMC. If a power surge does get through the device, then Walton EMC will replace or fix the motor if it fails or needs repair.


Walton EMC provides four different models for various types of surge protectors for a variety of electronics. The first two models contain six AC outlets that protect your phone and TV. The third model includes two AC outlets and power protection. The fourth model incorporates three AC outlets, two USB charging ports, and power protection.

Protect your electronics and appliances from power surges, spikes and lightning strikes by visiting our page on Surge Suppressors for all the details. 

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