Sustainable Living: Why Live Green?

You may be hearing about the green movement and how to live sustainably. Why is this important? You can cut down the cost of your energy bills while saving money for things you love. All while reducing your carbon footprint.

How does it lower your energy bill? When you conserve energy, such as unplugging your appliances, or turning off the lights, this uses less energy and therefore when you use less energy the less you have to pay on your bill. Not only do you pay less on your bill but you also help the environment.

All this sustainable living talk is great, but how do I get my cost down?  Here are some tips to help with conserving water: shutting the faucet while brushing your teeth; taking quicker showers; washing only full loads of laundry and checking for leaks. Another way to conserve energy is by unplugging your appliances, especially your television. Power strips make it easier to turn off groups of appliances at one time.

Phantom usage is electricity that draws from outlets when equipment is powered off but still plugged in. Before going to bed, check for phantom loads, turn off the lights, fans and power strips.

Inexpensive updates to your home will also help you stay sustainable. Weather-proof windows and doors by adding caulk and weather stripping. This will decrease your heating and cooling bills with only a small cost to you. Planting shade trees in front of your home is another way to cut costs.  

Another quick fix is to turn down your thermostat in the winter and up in the summer. If you put your thermostat on 76 to 78 in the summer it will run less and cost less. Turn your thermostat to 55 to 60 in the winter and you will reduce your heating bill.

There is so much more to help with sustainability. Check out our other blog posts to learn more about conserving energy. Not only are you helping out the environment but you are saving money! 

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