Trending Now: All-Electric Homes

Earn a rebate while caring for the environment

One out of every four homes in the U.S. is all-electric, according to data from the most recent household energy survey by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Now, that number is growing as more consumers choose to kick their fossil fuel habit.

Electricity — often regarded as a “cleaner” source of power — is a hot trend among those interested in upping their environmental stewardship game. Along with parking an electric car in the driveway, they’re also swapping out fossil fuel-powered equipment and appliances in favor of electric models.

The trend is strongest in the South, and especially here in Georgia. The chief reason: the increasing availability of “green” power — and lots of it.

Green is the thing

Walton EMC is on the leading edge of generating the kind of green, or renewable, energy projects that are winning lots of fans. We are one of 38 Georgia electric cooperatives that form Green Power EMC, a consortium that uses green resources like solar, low-impact hydro and biomass energies to generate electricity.

Green Power EMC members' renewable energy projects total 283 megawatts of capacity. That’s enough energy to help power more than 55,000 homes in Georgia each year.

Among these renewable energy projects is Walton EMC’s Cooperative Solar. Located on three “solar farms” in the co-op’s service area, the sun-to-energy project is harvesting enough sunshine to produce 6.5 megawatts of electricity annually. Our commitment to solar energy prompted environmentally conscious Facebook to select the co-op to supply 100 percent renewable energy for its new data center now under construction in Newton County. 

If you are leaning toward an all-electric lifestyle, know this:
We offer Walton EMC customer-owners some nice rebates.

If you are leaning toward an all-electric lifestyle, know this: We offer Walton EMC customer-owners some nice rebates. Think of it as a reward for installing energy-efficient electric equipment in your home.

Reap the rewards

Whether you’re updating an existing home or building a new one, you owe it to yourself to review the rebates Walton EMC is offering. You can put some money in your pocket — and help the environment.

In 2019, Walton EMC is offering residential rebates on electric heat pumps and electric water heaters. Underground wiring rebates are also available for new homes.

For details about specific rebates and how to qualify, visit Walton EMC's website

Once you’ve installed your new electric equipment, give yourself a pat on the back. The best part about environmentally sound, energy-efficient products is that the savings don’t stop with the rebates. Because they use less energy to provide the same service, these products will help reduce your monthly electricity bill.

And once you’ve kicked the fossil fuel habit, don’t forget to check out Cooperative Solar. It's another opportunity to do your part for the environment while still enjoying the benefits of electricity. 

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