What is an Energy Audit and Why is it Important?

If you are like the average person, your energy bill comes every month and occasionally you are surprised by the contents. You think to yourself, “Did I really use that much energy this month?” If you have been surprised by the cost of an energy bill in the past or if you are looking to make your energy costs lower, you will want to perform an energy audit.

What is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit is when you assess your energy needs as well as how efficiently your home uses energy. This audit can help you figure out where your home is lacking and what steps you can take to increase your efficiency and lower your costs.

Performing an energy audit can include looking into your past energy bills as well as taking a closer look at your appliances, your ventilation and more. This audit can give you ways to improve your efficiency like replacing furnace filters, sealing cracks in ventilation, fixing air leaks near windows and doors and so much more. There are many inexpensive things that you can do to improve your energy efficiency and an energy audit can help bring those things to your attention.

You can have a professional do an energy audit for you, but you can also do it yourself. Check out this video we created for some tips on doing your own energy audit.

Why is an Energy Audit Important?

Simply put, an energy audit can help you save money. Your home may have issues with air leaks, heat loss, or inefficient appliances. If you can find those problems and fix them, you will use energy more efficiently and save money. Consider performing an energy audit today!

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