Winter Energy Saving Tips

Reduce Your Energy Consumption This Winter By:

As the temperature drops, the utility bills can increase. Check out the tips below to see if you can save a little bit of energy and money this winter.

Checking Your Furnace

Your furnace helps keep you warm in the winter, but you want to make sure your furnace is behaving in the most efficient way possible. You will want to have someone come check out your furnace routinely so you can make sure it is operating just how it should. You will also want to replace your furnace filter regularly so it is as efficient as it can be.

Weather-Proof Windows

If you cover your windows with a plastic film, you can cut down on heating costs. Windows account for huge heating loss during the winter, but if you cover them with plastic film, you can reduce that loss of heat.

Add Insulation

Check your insulation. You may be able to add more insulation to your current situation, and that could help you save on heating costs. With more insulation, you can keep that warm air from escaping your house.

Put on Clothes

Try putting on extra layers of clothing first before you turn up the heat. The extra layers can keep you warm and you may not have to turn on that furnace much at all. This could really save energy and money in heating costs.

Unplug Appliances You Don’t Use

This last tip isn’t winter specific, but it could help you save some money regardless. If you have any electronics or appliances that you don’t use regularly, unplug them. You may have an extra TV in your house that you only use a few times a month, or an old desktop computer that isn’t used often. These could be things you unplug when you aren’t using them.

Check out these tips for saving energy and increasing your efficiency this winter!

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