Area High School Seniors Earn Walton Electric Trust Scholarships

Thirty-two high school seniors who live along Walton EMC’s power lines are receiving a $4,000 scholarship to further their education. Another 28 seniors are receiving runner-up scholarships of $1,000 each.

Since 2009, the Walton Electric Trust has awarded nearly 575 scholarships totaling over $2 million to aspiring students. Scholarships can be used to pursue an academic degree or certification from an accredited university, college, technical school or other postsecondary educational institution.

“Our scholarship program is just one way we tangibly demonstrate our commitment to the communities we serve,” said Ron Marshall, the co-op’s CEO. “Helping these deserving young people further their education is preparing them to become future leaders in our communities.”

Student applicants were evaluated on work ethic, triumph over obstacles, community service and extracurricular activities. The scholarship committee also reviewed recommendations from teachers and other adults involved in the students’ lives.

“We’re extremely proud to be able to help these deserving young people continue their education,” said Jim Bottone, vice president of Walton Energy and External Affairs, who served on this year’s selection committee. “We were impressed by the caliber of students who applied this year.”

The 2023 winners, who represent communities and schools from throughout the co-op’s service area, are:

Jacob Ball, Archer High School
Carlos Ceron, Grayson High School
Naomie Dargon, Parkview High School
Zoie Dozier, South GwinneX High School
Bryson Handy, Brookwood High School
Eden Melka, Brookwood High School
Lydia Panek, Providence Christian Academy
Tori Totman, Dacula High School

DesEny Hunter, Morgan County High School

Sarah Arnold, North Oconee High School
Cofer Hall, North Oconee High School
Victor Huang, Oconee County High School
Sydney Gilbert, Prince Avenue Christian School
Avery Van Laar, Oconee County High School
Michelle Li, North Oconee High School
Jack Marable, Oconee County High School
Samuel Rue, Oconee County High School
Mary Ella Worthington, Oconee County High School

Nathaniel Irwin, Oglethorpe County High School

Alexis Baldwin, Walnut Grove High School
Braxton Brooks, Walnut Grove High School
Ellie Brooks, Monroe Area High School
Gwyneth Green, Walnut Grove High School
Kensington Hammons, Trinity Prep School
Maxwell Hendricks, Monroe Area High School
Elijah McClintock, Loganville High School
Timothy Pham, George Walton Academy
Morgan Pickeral, Grayson High School
Stella Rojas, Loganville High School
Shelby Redding, Walnut Grove High School
Patricia Sears, Trinity Prep School
Presley Whitaker, Loganville Christian Academy

Walton Electric Trust scholarships are funded by unclaimed refunds to former Walton EMC
customer-owners. After all efforts are exhausted to find the right owners, the money goes
into an endowment provided for by Georgia law.

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