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Are Energy Star appliances worth the extra expense?

You’re probably familiar with the white star and writing on a blue background that represents the Energy Star program. The label is an important tool for consumers who are in the market for energy efficient products and appliances. But did you know the symbol can mean cash in your pocket?

An array of appliances, from refrigerators and air conditioners to televisions and dishwashers, sport the Energy Star logo. The rating also applies to light bulbs, computers, windows and even buildings. Wherever it’s found, the little blue label signals potential energy and money savings.

You’ll pay slightly more for an Energy Star-rated appliance, but the cost is quickly recovered in electric bill savings.

In addition to lower electric bills, consumers who install Energy Star-rated products like insulation, water heaters, roofing and windows may be eligible for tax credits. Walton EMC also offers rebates on the purchases of some energy efficient appliances. Visit for details.