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Knowledge is power: Why Walton EMC has an annual meeting

Walton EMC is owned and democratically governed by the energy consumers we serve. Democratic member control distinguishes the co-op from other utilities.

The Walton EMC Annual Meeting is a primary way our customer-owners ensure the co-op is guided by the people it serves. Attending the annual meeting allows members to:

  1. Elect board members. Member-elected directors set the policies and general direction followed by Walton EMC’s management and staff. In this way, the co-op is democratically governed by its customers.
  2. Receive a business update. Walton EMC leaders and management share reports that offer members insight into the performance, direction and stability of the co-op.
  3. Be heard. Co-op members can personally engage with Walton EMC leaders to ask questions and express opinions, ensuring that their interests are represented in policy decisions.
  4. Engage with fellow members. The meeting is an opportunity for neighbors to meet face-to-face and realize that Walton EMC connects you in more ways than just power lines. With bill credits, the traditional bucket of gifts and live entertainment, the annual meeting also offers genuine old-fashioned fun.

More information about Walton EMC’s 88th Annual Meeting can be found here.