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Linemen dig their way to safety awards

A complex maze of wires, pipes and fiber carrying power, water, natural gas and internet lies just below our feet. Accidentally digging into these lines can cause major disruptions. Walton EMC crews avoid utility outages by notifying Georgia 811 before digging.

The Watkinsville and Monroe underground crews were recently honored with the Golden Backhoe Award for their excellence in safe digging practices, with the Watkinsville crew also receiving the state’s top award, the Lester Feathers Award.

Watkinsville Crew (Left) – L to R- Ernie Greene, Bob Dolvin, Coby Pickett, Hollis Lucas, Mason Tolbert, Mike Beck, David Abbott, Blaine Ogle and Bryce Watson.

Monroe Crew (Right) – L to R (Front Row) – Logan Burleigh, John Spence, Matt Britt and Jason Higgins. L to R (Middle Row) – Ryan Mitchell, Derrick Hendricks, Reed Gogan, Phillip Mork and Jacob McNary. L to R (Back Row) – Arthur Thomas, Isaiah Glasper and Landon Robertson.