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Plugged in: Who is responsible for the service line to my home?

A: Getting electricity to your home or business is a partnership. In short, Walton EMC supplies the wires that connect to your building and you’re responsible for maintaining/repairing the components that bring the power inside. Those components, collectively known as the “service entrance,” can be seen on the roof of any building receiving electricity through an overhead service line.

The diagram below shows the parts of an overhead service entrance. Walton EMC customer-owners are responsible for repairs to the weather head, mast, meter base, wires inside these devices or wires inside the building.

Falling trees, as well as wind, ice and fire can damage these components. Keeping your power flowing is our number one priority, but we cannot supply electricity to a damaged service entrance. A qualified person must make repairs before your electric service can be restored.

Repairing service entrance components is NOT a DIY job and should never be attempted by anyone other than a qualified professional. Components may be energized and therefore very dangerous. Your electrician will coordinate with the co-op to safely make the necessary repairs and restore power.