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Vogtle 3 Producing Energy

Walton EMC members now receive safe, reliable, emission-free nuclear energy from Plant Vogtle Unit 3.

On July 31, Unit 3 reached commercial operation, making it the first advanced nuclear project in over three decades. The site is located in southeast Georgia in Waynesboro and can generate electricity at full power 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Nuclear plants like Vogtle create energy by controlling the breakdown of uranium to produce heat that makes steam to turn turbines that generate electricity.

Clean nuclear energy is powered by tiny uranium fuel pellets about the size of a pencil eraser – and just ten pellets can power a typical household’s electricity needs for a year.

The existing units at Plant Vogtle, Units 1 and 2, have been providing safe, clean energy for Georgians for more than 34 years. Vogtle Unit 4 is expected to reach commercial operations in March 2024 and provide power for the next 70 years. Walton EMC will use electricity from the output of all four units.

Our cooperative strives for fuel diversity and price stability on your behalf. The staff is constantly researching additional generation assets to ensure you have an adequate supply of electricity when you need it.