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Plugged In: Who’s Responsible for Keeping Limbs Off the Power Line to My House?

Q&A Primary Service LinesQuestion: Who’s responsible for keeping limbs off the power line to my house?

Walton EMC customer-owners who receive electricity through overhead power lines have a service wire that runs from the utility pole to your home. It’s your responsibility to keep an eye out to ensure branches don’t become overgrown and touch the service line.

Photo of right-of-way coordinatorPrimary lines carry thousands of volts from the substation to the transformer at your home or business. Service lines carry hundreds of volts from the transformer to the electric meter. The 15-foot clearance for primary lines does not apply to service lines.

If vegetation does make contact with your service line, DO NOT attempt removal on your own. This is extremely dangerous. A common service wire carries 240 volts of electricity — more than enough to kill you if you make contact.

If there are limbs less than six feet from the service wire and are a threat to damaging your service, call the co-op at 770.267.2505 to request a trim.

A crew will usually arrive within three business days to handle the pruning project. It is the customer-owner’s responsibility to clear away the debris resulting from the trim.