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Powerful Gadgets: Security App Can Save Electricity

EMC Security app

Is your phone so crowded with “handy” apps that it’s difficult to find the one you really need? Then it might be time to check out EMC Security’s all-in-one mobile app that can manage lights and a thermostat along with the security system.

The app allows security customers to remotely arm and disarm their system and receive a real-time alert if a sensor is triggered. Compatible video doorbells and security cameras can be integrated for monitoring and notifications, too.

Users can also connect and control compatible smart devices such as locks, lights and thermostats. The app allows users to automate energy-saving routines. Lights can automatically turn on when the home security system is disabled. Or when the system is enabled, the smart thermostat will lower the home’s temperature and turn off lights.

EMC Security is owned by Walton EMC, Jackson EMC and Greystone Power. To get the EMC Security mobile app,  visit or call 770.963.0305.