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Power with a Purpose

It all started in 1937 in a wooden farmhouse on Snows Mill Road in northeastern Walton County. A determined community living in darkness pulled together and, with a little help from the Rural Electrification Administration, a string on a bulb was tugged, and darkness turned to light.

Many things have changed in North Georgia in the intervening decades, but Walton EMC is still enriching the lives of those we serve.

What does that really mean to you? Here are a few thoughts:

We’re here to stay.
Since Walton EMC belongs to the consumers we serve — that’s you! — we’re not going to move out of the country or even across the state. Your cooperative is staying right where it is. We’re steadfastly committed to providing safe, reliable, affordable and environmentally responsible energy to 136,000+ residential, business and industrial accounts.

We know you.
Our board of directors, who help set long-term priorities for the co-op, live locally on co-op lines. They are democratically elected to the position by neighbors like you. Walton EMC’s employees live right here in the community, too.

We are locally focused.
Being locally owned allows us to be highly responsive to those we serve. Whether it’s a community solar program, prepaid electricity or keeping the electric grid safe and secure, we offer programs and services that make the most sense locally.

We care about this community.
Unlike investor-owned power companies, Walton EMC does more than just keep the lights on. We support the communities where co-op members live and work — with Operation Round Up, economic development initiatives, grants to local schools, scholarships and more.

Walton EMC and each of our customers-owners thrive when the cooperative way is an everyday business practice. We’re proud to supply power with purpose.