How Walton EMC Prepares for an Outage

  • Our time-tested storm plan allows us to restore power to the most people at one time.
  • Most outages occur when trees fall on power lines due to high winds or frozen precipitation accumulating on the branches. By having right-of-way contractors keep trees and other growth trimmed away from power lines, Walton EMC workers gain easier access to problem areas.
  • A computerized outage reporting system can handle thousands of phone calls an hour.
  • All substations and their outgoing circuits are remotely monitored by computer. The system automatically alerts us to problems or failures anywhere on the system.
  • Walton EMC employees from other departments are cross-trained to help with outages.
  • We have agreements in place for mutual aid in times of crisis and contact other EMCs and contractors to secure help before the damage.
  • Our dispatchers constantly keep an eye on weather radar and current forecasts in order to have crews standing by for fast response.
  • We keep an extra stock of commonly-used materials and have vendor arrangements to get additional materials in short order.

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