Location Inspection Underway

HB Next employee and vehicleIn the next few months, you may see a contractor inspecting Walton EMC facilities around your home. It's part of a project to increase the accuracy, reliability and safety of your electric service.

Your co-op is partnering with HB Next Corporation of Lawrenceville for this system-wide undertaking. HB Next specializes in utility services and has been in business since 1999.

“The inspection program will help us find issues before they become problems,” said Ron Marshall, senior vice president of operations and engineering. “The result is better service for our residential customer-owners.”

HB Next technicians will evaluate these areas during the inspection.

  • meters
  • meter enclosures
  • electrical services
  • security lights and associated poles

When an HB Next technician visits your home, they'll attempt to make contact at your door. If no one is home, they'll leave a door card letting you know they were on your property. Generally, inspections should take less than 15 minutes.

Contact Walton EMC if you have any questions regarding contractors working for the cooperative.

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