Power Outage FAQs

Q: Why does my neighbor have power but mine is still out?

A: There may be damage to the service wires that connect your home to our grid. Also, even though your neighbor is next door, their power may come from a different part of the grid than yours.

Q: I have underground wires to my house. Why is my power off?

A: Overhead lines bring power to the underground wires that supply your house. You still have an advantage – your underground wires lessened your exposure to damage.

Q: Why did the crew drive by my house and not stop to fix my power?

A: They were probably working on getting the trunk lines or backbone of our power grid functioning, the first priority. Next, they turn their attention to repairs that will restore service to the most people at one time. Individual service repairs are last.

Q: What is the fastest way to report my outage?

A: The Walton EMC mobile app or online at waltonemc.com.

Q: Will I be higher on the repair list if I call and talk to someone?

A: No. Online and telephone outage reports receive equal priority.

Q: Will my automated meter report my power outage?

A: No. We still need you to report your outage via the Walton EMC mobile app, online at waltonemc.com or by calling 770.267.2505.

Q: I have a medical condition. Can I get my power restored immediately?

A: As much as we’d like to, Walton EMC can’t guarantee your electric service. Incidents beyond our control, like ice storms and car-power pole accidents, will always tear down power lines and disrupt the flow of electricity.

That’s why people who depend on electrical equipment must have a contingency plan in case the power goes out for an extended time. This may include extra medical supplies, a backup power source or relocation until the outage is over.

Even though we give these accounts priority, we must still get the backbone of our electric system functioning before we turn our attention to individual priority repairs. 

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