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Plugged In: Can I Plant Around the Green Box?

Q: Is it OK to plant shrubs to hide the “green box” in my yard?

A: Walton EMC transformers, commonly called “green boxes,” are found in neighborhoods where power lines are buried underground. They are a key part of the system that delivers electricity to you and your neighbors.

Planting bushes, trees or flowers too close to these boxes is not permitted. The same goes for building a fence or placing an object to hide the transformer. Don’t cover this equipment in any way.

Plants or objects can hamper Walton EMC crews from accessing a transformer in the case of an outage or emergency. An outage will last longer if vegetation has to be cut or removed before a box is opened.

Adequate space is also needed for air circulation around transformers. Allowing heat to escape during hot weather extends the life oftheequipment.

Maintain a clearance of at least 10 feet from the sides and backs of underground transformers. Don’t plant anything directly in front (the side with the lock).