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School EmPOWERment Grants Top $2 Million


Walton EMC’s School EmPOWERment Grant program gives schools in nearby communities the chance to boost their instructional and service programs by funding worthwhile projects. Many of the projects are those that local systems don’t have funds for in regular operating budgets.

The money that we distribute – over $2 million since the program began just six short years ago – doesn’t affect your power bills, either. That’s because the funds are unclaimed money from former customers we can’t find.

After we publish lists of these customers on our website, place legal ads and exhaust all attempts to find the owners, Georgia law allows the money to be used for community benefit.

“After providing reliable and reasonably priced electric power, serving our community is next on the list,” said COO Ron Marshall. “Our School EmPOWERment Grant program is a perfect example of the cooperative principle ‘concern for community.’”

Click here to see a complete list of grant recipients.


Total Distribution: $368,212
Average Grant: $5,336
Number of Grants: 69
Schools Receiving Grants: 63
Total Since Beginning of Program: $2,060,087
Source of Funds: Unclaimed Refunds