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Putting It All On the Line

A new generation of line technicians is stepping up to fill the boots of Walton EMC veterans. A part of the co-op’s team of 63 linemen, they are responsible for repairing and maintaining Walton EMC’s more than 7,000 miles of power lines.

In recognition of National Lineman Appreciation Day on April 18, we talked to four men who are participating in a seven-year apprenticeship to become a journeyman lineman at Walton EMC.

Age: 20
Entered program: 2020
“Not one day since I’ve worked here have I woken up and thought ‘Oh man, I have to go to work today.’ It’s a fun job! I found something I truly love to do.”



Age: 29
Entered program: 2020
“Every day I’m doing something different and working with my hands. I like having a challenge every single day.”



Age: 36
Entered program: 2017
“I can better myself as a person. I can make a career for myself and better provide for my family.”



Age: 21
Entered program: 2019
“I love what I do. I could see myself doing this for a very long time.”