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Guard Against Cybercrime

Criminals are getting better at using their computers to steal from you. The FBI estimates Americans lost more than $4.2 billion to cybercrime in 2020.

Take these steps to improve safeguards against data breaches that can lead to the loss of money or the theft of personal, financial and medical information.

Opt in to multi-factor authentication. Instead of asking for only a password — which can be reused or stolen — your email, bank, social media, online stores and streaming accounts will verify it’s you by asking for two forms of information.

Update software. Turn on automatic updates of defensive software for all devices, applications and operating systems.

Think before you click. More than 90 percent of successful cybercrimes begin with a phishing scheme – a link or web page that looks legitimate, but is designed to steal your passwords, social security number, credit card numbers or other sensitive information. If it’s a link you don’t recognize, don’t click.

Use strong passwords. The ideal password is at least 15 characters long and not used anywhere else.