Walton EMC Experiencing Outages From Hurricane Irma

Significant power outages are occurring on Walton EMC’s power grid.

Outages are being caused by falling trees and limbs. Walton EMC maintains a 15-foot clear space on either side of its lines, but this doesn’t stop tall trees from reaching the lines.

Line technicians will continue to work as long as weather conditions are safe.


  • The quickest way to report outages is through the internet. Visit waltonemc.com and click on “Report an Outage” or download the Walton EMC smartphone app.
  • Limit freezer and refrigerator door openings. Food will keep longer if doors remain closed. Check items for spoilage before serving. Don't cook inside with charcoal.
  • Turn off all large appliances that come on automatically. Make sure appliances you were using when the outage occurred, like ovens, stoves, irons or power tools are turned off.
  • Disconnect sensitive electronics like TVs, home theatre components and computers to avoid damage from surges.
  • When the power comes back on, give the electric system a chance to stabilize by gradually using the appliances you turned off. Use only the most essential first and wait 15 minutes on the others, including water and space heating.


  • If you use a portable generator, isolate it from our lines. Generators that are not isolated can feed back into our electrical system and possibly electrocute anyone coming in contact with those wires.
  • Don't try to remove or clear trees tangled in power lines.
  • Stay away from any downed lines (no matter what type) and call your power company or 911.
  • Do not touch a power line with any other object (brooms, boards, plastic, etc.) and do not touch any object in contact with a power line (car, tree limb, person, etc.).

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