Walton EMC Named Clean Water Hero

Georgia Water Coalition's Clean 13 highlights efforts to protect Georgia's water

Map of Clean 13 designees for 2019Your cooperative has been recognized for extraordinary efforts leading to cleaner rivers, stronger communities and a more sustainable future for Georgians.

In the recently released Clean 13 Report, the Georgia Water Coalition recognizes Walton EMC for its innovative approach that makes solar power more accessible to customer-owners.

The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy estimates an annual water savings of 200 million gallons due to Walton EMC’s Cooperative Solar program and initiative to serve Facebook’s Newton Data Center with 100 percent renewable energy.

Between 2018 and 2022, no other power provider in the Southeast shows more solar growth per customer than your co-op. “Our customer-owners are the main drivers of our solar efforts,” says Greg Brooks, Walton EMC Community and Public Relations Director. “Their support makes these initiatives possible.”

The Georgia Water Coalition publishes this list not only to recognize these positive efforts on behalf of Georgia’s water, but also as a call to action for our state’s leaders and citizens to review, borrow from and emulate them.

The Georgia Water Coalition is a consortium of more than 260 conservation and environmental organizations, hunting and fishing groups, businesses and faith-based organizations that have been working to protect Georgia’s water since 2002. Collectively, these organizations represent thousands of Georgians.

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